In the fall of 2000, Sunday caught the tail end of a groundbreaking reality television series called, Survivor. She was hooked in the last few episodes and could hardly wait for the 2nd season to air. One of the reasons she loved this show was that her kids liked it too and it was one of the few tv programs they could enjoy together as a family. Since then, Sunday never missed an episode, even having finale parties with the kids. Sometime around 2009, she made the comment, “I’m going to be on that show someday”, to which her boys literally laughed out loud. Of course, it seemed far-fetched, she didn’t even like being outside!

In April of 2012, Sunday was diagnosed with breast cancer. After 7 surgeries, 8 rounds of chemotherapy and 28 days of radiation she was declared ‘cancer free’. However, she didn’t feel free. She was carrying the after-effects of cancer which included, anxiety, depression and an overall desire to do nothing. In the fall of 2015, Sunday sent in an audition video to be a castaway on Survivor and after a long casting process, she was able to fulfill one of her lifelong dreams of competing on the show.  She was accepted and appeared in the 33rd season of 
Survivor: Millennials vs Gen-x
, finishing in 7th place!

Survivor was a life changing experience for her in more ways than one. She was on the island of Fiji, playing the game, on her four-year anniversary date of diagnosis. That day was significant and even more so because her Gen-X tribe won the immunity challenge that day. As if competing on Survivor wasn’t enough, winning a challenge the very day, just four years after hearing the words, ‘I’m sorry to tell you, you have  Invasive Ductal Carcinoma” was life changing. If you want to hear more about this particular experience, check out this ‘ Secret Scene’  released by Survivor. To see more of her Survivor story check out her Ponderosa video also!  Sunday considers herself extremely blessed to have had the chance to play the game, meet an amazing group of people, earning the title: Survivor Strong.

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