“Knowing all of the diagnoses that Sunday has conquered over the past 5 years, I am amazed at the strength and poise she possesses as she shares her stories of heartache and triumph. I am confident that everyone who is fortunate enough to hear Sunday speak will be motivated and inspired by her unique message of hope and perseverance”
Dr. Russel G.

For Sunday, the word “survivor” took on a completely different meaning in the spring of 2012. On April 11th she received a diagnosis she never expected, Invasive Ductal Carcinoma (Breast Cancer).  In that moment, the word survivor went from being the name of her favorite television show to a title she had to fight to earn.

In her message Survivor Strong, Sunday shares her story that she describes as a tug of war between herself and breast cancer. Like anyone facing a major setback, she felt her control literally being ripped from her hands -she felt powerless.  Sunday shares the 3 part process she went through during her tug of war with cancer: the plunge, the pull, and the power.

During the yearlong breast cancer treatment process, Sunday leaned on the emotional support of her family and friends.  In July of 2013, she was declared cancer free and earned the coveted title of Survivor yet, the emotional toll cancer took on her still lingered.  Her determination to regain the control she lost paid off when she was able to fulfill her dream to compete as a contestant on the #1 rated reality TV series Survivor. You can read more about her experience on the reality television show the Survivor tab. (like to page listed Survivor). She went onto the show with intention of leaving with the title of Sole Survivor, but surprisingly, she left with an even bigger accomplishment, an intangible internal feeling. She knew she’d left the remaining effects of cancer in Fiji.

Walking through the process of diagnosis, treatment and the aftermath of cancer (as well as losing family members to the disease) has given Sunday the compassion and desire to share her story and inspire others in their journeys. There comes a time when every person will face their own tug of war and Sunday is dedicated to helping everyone realize they already are Survivor Strong!

Sunday is an excellent choice for a speaker at your next charity or cancer awareness event. She has partnered with several groups including, the Twin Cities-based Angel FoundationMN Oncology, and the annual Reality Rally event benefiting Michelle’s Place. Breast Cancer Resource Center.  

Reality Rally 2017 Speech


A message from Gillian Larson, founder of Reality Rally

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